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7 best tips for office organization

7 meilleurs conseils pour l’organisation du bureau


When you walk into an office overwhelmed with piles of paperwork, cluttered cables, and unnecessary things, you feel overwhelmed with work, too, and do not know where to start. It increases stress, reduces your productivity, and in the long run, affects your overall well-being. Instead, in a clean, organized workspace, you can focus more easily on tasks and have a feeling of control. Office organization shouldn’t take long – especially not longer than the time you waste every day because of the disorganization. To make this organizing process as effective as possible, start it by making a rational plan for everything you need to do.


Get rid of everything you do not need

We all keep things ‘because we might need them one day’. And yet, the only role they play for months and years is to physically and visually contaminate our space.

Put the things you need in the right place

Put back in their place the items you left where they don’t belong. If you have to search for them in the office, your wasted time will increase. Sort items instead of reflexively putting them in a drawer. Depending on the category of items, organize them using storage boxes, file folders, and bins, so you always know where your office supplies are.

Define “zones“ for different aspects of your work

Your primary workspace is your desk, but you also have an area that your work usually directs you to (for example, where your file cabinets are), as well as a supply area (with different cabinets, shelves, or drawers). Organize items according to the frequency of use. Things that you use frequently keep near your main workspace.

Labeling is an essential step

Choose a good label maker and commit yourself to label your office. Labeled shelves, cabinets, bins, and drawers significantly speed up the workflow. But do not dwell on the physical space; continue to label in the digital space, i.e., on your computer. Sort files by project into folders. Also, create sub-folders for different phases of projects: for drafts and final versions.

Make your workspace inspiring

Choose accessories that will be efficient but also pleasing to your eyes. This will make the workspace unmistakably your own. Place accessories in a fixed position on your desk so you don’t have to look around when you need them.

Reduce paper waste – Increase productivity

For what you don’t need to print on paper, such as various notes, use apps like Evernote, Google Keep, or OneNote. These cloud-based apps sync your notes between the devices you use. You can access your notes from anywhere and search them easily.


We all have monitors in our offices, computer towers, laptops, speakers, printers, phones, chargers, so the number of cables that need to be here is quite large. Reducing visual clutter reduces stress and increases productivity, so tiding all those wires is essential. The following products offer a quick, simple, effective, and elegant solution:


HOMEPROTEK braided sleeves

are 3 meters long and 13 to 20mm in diameter, made of flexible PET material, and adaptable to meet all your cable management needs for office organization.

– Cut to size

A simple cut of scissors is enough to get a cable sleeve with perfect length. Use a lighter to lightly burn the end after cutting it for a better finish.

– Self-closing system

The HOMEPROTEK braided sleeve is adaptable from 13 to 20mm and it can wrap around up to eight cables. When it is full enough, the sleeve will self-close and create a perfect wrap around your cords.

– Claws and teeth resistant

This durable sleeve nicely wraps and protects cords from pet chewing, while keeping children safe from lying wires around.

– Use it anywhere

Resistant and flexible, HOMEPROTEK braided PET cable sleeve does not break, unlike plastic sheaths, and can be reused many times. Use it anywhere in the house or the office, and outdoors (garden, car, etc.) to tidy up cables. Withstands temperatures from -50 ° C to + 150 ° C.

– Black or white – to blend in any house/office design

Pleasing to the eyes with its sleek look, the HOMEPROTEK braided sleeve can be considered a decoration.


The HOMEPROTEK cable management bars

are your best ally to tidy cables and multiple sockets in the office or at home. Thanks to the large cable rack and the storage accessories provided, you will no longer have problems with cables lying around and tangling. The design of the cable bars has been improved and the corners have been polished for a more pleasant grip. This new innovative design tray has two 50mm diameter holes to give quick access to the socket connections and plenty of slots for cables.

– Everything you need for a clean cable management

This complete HOMEPROTEK kit includes 2 large cable bars, 2 fixing screws, 1 cable holder, 3 cable clips and 5 cable ties.

– Produced with quality materials

The polished and resistant steel can support up to 5kg. Good capacity for multiple sockets and many cables, the large tray measures 43x10x10cm. Weight 860g.

– Easy installation

Mount it with only two screws. Cable clips and clamps are equipped with strong 3M brand foam adhesives and they adapt to all surfaces. The straps have repositionable scratch.

– Double the effect of organized cables

Make an ideal combination with HOMEPROTEK cable management bars and HOMEPROTEK cable management sleeves.

7 best tips for office organization