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Gardening tips

Conseils de jardinage


There is no healthy, both physical and mental life, without bringing nature into our everyday life. That’s why many of us bring nature into our backyards, and gardening is our hobby. Without a doubt, it is one of the most rewarding activities to reduce stress and improve mood, proven by medical research. We give you 8 gardening tips every gardener should have at hand.

The feeling of having dinner outside, surrounded by the beauty and smell of the plants you are growing, is priceless. And if you have healthy, homemade, fresh food on your table that you and nature have produced in your garden, you have a total hit when you follow the basic gardening tips.
But no matter how rewarding gardening is, if you want excellent results, you need to approach it with a plan, commitment, and quality tools.
Whether you’re new to gardening or already involved in the hobby, here are a few tips to help you keep your garden in good shape. The rest depends on your discipline and imagination.


Determine the characteristics of your garden

The first part of the plan is to get to know the features of your garden.
Determine the location – south, north, east, or west-facing? This will help you decide what to grow.
Plants that require a lot of sunlight will certainly be planted where sun exposure is the best.
To find out how much sunlight reaches each part of your garden, photograph it at different times of the day. Depending on the plants you plant, most gardens require at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight per day.
Identify the soil in your garden. Choose plants that will suit the soil you have. You can also check with your neighbor to see which plants work best.
Once you have this information, make a plan of where and what to plant. To get a garden that will look beautiful, picture the plants you grow and see how they harmonize in color and texture.
And don’t forget to match what you will do in your garden to your lifestyle and free time. This hobby should be fun and relaxing for you, not a burden.

Dedicate time to education

The good growth and longevity of the plants in your garden depend on proper planting. Consult an experienced gardener or look online for guidance on plants you’re not sure how to plant.

Prepare the soil – get rid of weeds

Prepare the soil before planting. Get rid of weeds that want to steal water and nutrients from your plants. Once the garden grows, check it every few days and pull new weeds to prevent them from building up.

Properly water your plants

Learn when and how to water your plants. As the root absorbs water, it is better to water it instead of the leaves. According to many experienced gardeners, it is better to soak the root ball once a week than to water it a little every day.
To make watering a pleasure, try to get a garden hose that will satisfy all your needs in the garden (and in your yard in general). You can read our garden hose recommendation at the end of this article.

Make and use compost

Nature never rejects what is hers. Let your kitchen and garden waste (coffee grounds, fruit and vegetable peels, eggshells, fallen leaves) decompose for a year in a pile or bin. Then use it as a feeding mulch around the base of plants. This saves nature and your pocket.

Protect your plants from pests

Every garden has pests, and most of them aren’t a problem – there are enough natural predators to keep them in check. But sometimes the pest population can become overcrowded and dangerous to plants, so that’s when you need to take action (with professional help if necessary). In particular, keep an eye on whether aphids, slugs, and snails numbers are increasing.

Do not neglect pruning

Prune your plants to remove dead parts and allow new growth. Beginner gardeners are often afraid of pruning. But your garden needs pruning to look good, and for plants to grow, flower, and fruit better. To make sure you prune correctly, consult an experienced gardener in this case as well.

Enjoy your garden

The beautiful garden itself will attract you to spend time in it and enjoy it. Your job is to make a comfortable part where you will sit and enjoy the results of your work and imagination; while you have lunch or dinner, chat, or read.

For wonderful evenings and nights in your garden, having this gardening tips in mind, let us recommend:


HomeProTek solar lights are waterproof to IP65 standard which makes them resistant to all weather conditions and therefore perfectly suited to light up your evenings. HomeProTek torches can be installed in less than a minute and do not require any wiring or tools. Once installed, they will automatically turn on after dark and turn off at dawn thanks to their light sensor. The charging time is approximately 8 hours. To suit all styles, you can choose from the following three modes: dancing flame, breathing or lightening. Thanks to its 96 LEDs warm-colored 35Lm, the illusion of a real torch is perfect!  Depending on the mode chosen and the weather conditions, the torches can provide up to 12 hours of light. For added safety, our lamps shut down when overload, short circuit, overheating and are guaranteed for one year.

Reminder of the characteristics:

– Dimensions 320x121x121mm, weight 230g – 96 LEDs, 35 Lumens, 50,000 hours – 0.88W photovoltaic panel – 2200mAh Li-ion battery – Charging time: 6-8h – Usage time: up to 12 hours depending on the mode and weather conditions – Three modes: flame, breath, flicker – Automatic on / off with light sensor – Waterproof IP65 – Also available in set of 2 torches – 1 year warranty.


Gardening enthusiasts recommend expandable garden hose because it weighs up to five times less than traditional (rubber) hoses, it is kink or tangle-resistant, self drain, and easy to coil up and stow. Flexibility is synonymous with it. An expandable hose automatically expands when the water runs through it, up to a couple of times longer than the original state. And flexibility is a factor of durability too. Because of its flexible nature, this hose remains undamaged even during rough use, falls, and many turns.

HomeProTek expandable garden hose meets all quality criteria without exception. And remains unremarkable – in the sense of a skilful performer that leaves you without worries. In terms of quality, easy handling and storage, and the different features and accessories you can pair with the hose.

3X extensibility made of latex reinforced durable 3450D polyester

Thanks to its 3450D polyester membrane and the triple-layer latex reinforcement, this hose is very resistant while remaining flexible. You can easily extend it from 5 to 15 meters or 10 to 30 meters, depending on the length you choose according to your needs.
It spreads when water flows through it and shrinks to its original state when you turn off the water, becoming very easy and convenient to wind up and store. You can then hang it to dry on the wall clip that comes with the kit or put it in the waterproof bag with a quick-drying mesh section for the same purpose.
Our recommendation is to flush water through your HomeProtek extendable garden hose to expel the air before use. This means just a few seconds before inserting the spray handle so that the water can expand the hose.

Garden hose nozzle to satisfy all your needs

Garden hose nozzle offers 9 modes that will satisfy all your needs: shower, cone, jet, flat, center, dip, full, angle, and mist. You choose by simply rotating the nozzle. The power of the spray is controlled by the handle too. The flow is cut off when the handle is completely released.

Long-lasting stainless brass tips

When it comes to various accessories, such as connectors, don’t need much experience to say that the brass connectors will be more long-lasting than the plastic ones.
HomeProtek extendable garden hose comes with stainless brass tips, as well as two adapters of the same material to connect to all types of outdoor faucets: 1/2 “and 3/4”.


Finally, for your satisfaction and peace of mind to be complete, this garden hose is RoHS-certified (RoHS means “Restriction of Certain Hazardous Substances”).

Gardening tips