Choosing the Right Garden Hose

choisir le bon tuyau arrosage

Choose the right garden hose and let it flow your landscaping!

What do we need from our gardens? To invite us to spend time enjoyably, especially at this time of pandemic and lockdowns. But keeping the garden in good shape isn’t an effortless task. Because gardens love watering. Lots of it. So, do we enjoy watering? It depends – mainly on choosing the right garden hose 

Garden hoses look similar when we see them in a store. A hose is a hose, will do the work – we can think like that if we don’t have in mind the condition: I want to water my garden regularly, which means, with ease. I don’t want to be frustrated with a hose that is hard to pull through the garden, which I have to fight with while watering and fixing the kinks.
But that is exactly what happens if we underestimate the role of the hose in good outdoor gardening – if we think some hoses are just made fancier, for marketing.
In no time, already during the first use, we will see the consequences of a poorly chosen garden hose. We will have to show it muscles, patience with its kinks. After a while, it will start to crack and then rot. And at the end of the season, we will have to buy a new hose

What to consider when buying a garden hose

Fortunately, experienced gardeners have simple recommendations for choosing the right garden hose. It should be lightweight, flexible (kink resistant), and durable. Make a smart choice and the hose will last you for years, as well as the pleasure of watering your garden.
Of course, before you go shopping you need to determine how long hose you need. You will get the right length by measuring the distance from the water source you will use, to the farthest point where you will water. It is advisable to add a few decimetres to the resulting length to ensure easier use.
Now you can go back to the simple tips for choosing a quality garden hose. Made of quality material – strong and durable, but flexible, so it can gently rotate around your plants and pots.
Of course, it should be lightweight, so you don’t have to tame it after running water through it.
It is also important how easily the hose is stored after use. You certainly don’t want to leave it exposed to the elements. But you want the manufacturer to consider your different needs: from the different requirements for watering, through washing your deck or car, to cooling your pet on a hot summer day …

Why gardening enthusiasts are recommending expandable garden hoses

Expandable garden hose weighs up to five times less than traditional (rubber) hoses, self drain, it is a kink or tangle-resistant and easy to coil up and stow. Flexibility is synonymous with it. An expandable hose automatically expands when the water runs through it, up to a couple of times longer than the original state. And flexibility is a factor of durability too. Because of its flexible nature, this hose remains undamaged even during rough use, falls, and many turns.


HomeProTek extendable garden hose meets all these criteria without exception. And remains unremarkable – in the sense of a skilful performer that leaves you without worries. In terms of quality, easy handling and storage, and the different features and accessories you can pair with the hose.

⊗ 3X extensibility made of latex reinforced durable 3450D polyester

Thanks to its 3450D polyester membrane and the triple-layer latex reinforcement, this hose is very resistant while remaining flexible. You can easily extend it from 5 to 15 meters or 10 to 30 meters, depending on the length you choose according to your needs.
It spreads when water flows through it and shrinks to its original state when you turn off the water, becoming very easy and convenient to wind up and store. You can then hang it to dry on the wall clip that comes with the kit or put it in the waterproof bag with a quick-drying mesh section for the same purpose.
Our recommendation is to flush water through your HomeProtek extendable garden hose to expel the air before use. This means just a few seconds before inserting the spray handle so that the water can expand the hose.

⊗ Garden hose nozzle to satisfy all your needs

Garden hose nozzle offers 9 modes that will satisfy all your needs: shower, cone, jet, flat, center, dip, full, angle, and mist. You choose by simply rotating the nozzle. The power of the spray is controlled by the handle too. The flow is cut off when the handle is completely released.

⊗ Long-lasting stainless brass tips

When it comes to various accessories, such as connectors, don’t need much experience to say that the brass connectors will be more long-lasting than the plastic ones.
HomeProtek extendable garden hose comes with stainless brass tips, as well as two adapters of the same material to connect to all types of outdoor faucets: 1/2 “and 3/4”.

⊗ RoHS-certified

Finally, for your satisfaction and peace of mind to be complete, this garden hose is RoHS-certified (RoHS means “Restriction of Certain Hazardous Substances”).