Let’s light up your lives

Eclairons vos vies


Let’s light up your lives! A lack of lighting is often a barrier to fully benefiting from your outdoor spaces (garden, terrace, paths, paths, etc.). Modern solar garden flame torches will transform the way you use your outdoor space. Unlike fixed ones, portable outdoor lights can take a party to any corner of your backyard.

HOMEPROTEK torches can be installed in less than a minute and do not require any wiring or tools. Once installed, they will automatically turn on after dark and turn off at dawn thanks to their light sensor. The charging time is approximately 8 hours.

To suit all styles, you can choose from the following three modes: dancing flame, breathing or lightening. Thanks to its 96 LEDs warm-colored 35Lm, the illusion of a real torch is perfect! For example, it will magically light up your driveway for Christmas.

Depending on the mode chosen and the weather conditions, the torches can provide you with up to 12 hours of light. For added safety, our lamps shut down when overload, short circuit, overheating and are guaranteed for one year.

HOMEPROTEK solar lights are waterproof to IP65 standard which makes them resistant to all weather conditions and therefore perfectly suited to light up your evenings.

Solar Garden Torches