Cable sleeve

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A cable sleeve is a simple yet efficient product that tidies up the cables and helps you concentrate on work or relax during TV time.

As the number of electronic devices we own grows, a nest of cables around PCs and TVs is threatening to put at risk all our efforts to create and maintain cozy working or living spaces.
But messy cables not only offend our eyes, but they also affect our concentration while working at home or when we want to indulge in watching movies.
Thankfully, there are products to help you cover and keep cables organized. Regarding ease of use, portability, and durability, cable management sleeves are the most popular option.
There are different types of cable sleeves, but you only need braided sleeves for ordinary home and office purposes (others are specialized options for industrial applications, harsh environments, or where fire damage is a concern).


Here are a few things to consider when buying a cable management product.

If you are only bothered by cables that are mostly covered by some object, like a TV or PC monitor, then you do not need more than small cable ties. With those, you can gather up all the unruly cords and make a small enough bundle to hide any trace of them.

But, if the cables are more visible, you will need something more than this tiny cable management tool.

For cables going along the wall, hard plastic trunking can be an elegant solution. But if you need to change the cable bundle (in case of adding or removing a device), you will want to go with some more flexible product.

A good option for tidying cables running along the floor and walls is a braided cable sleeve, which wraps around many cables that go in one direction and allows moving them together with any need. This product protects cables from ordinary wear and tear, from pet chewing, and is heat resistant.


Self-closing sleeves are the easiest to use and allow a greater range of cables to wrap inside. Sleeves that close with a zipper become problematic (the zipper itself) when they are too full. On models that close with velcro, you will need to find just the right amount of cables inside to line up the two sides of a velcro fastener.

With this guide in mind, we will allow ourselves to recommend


HOMEPROTEK braided sleeves are 3 meters long and 13 to 20mm in diameter, made of flexible PET material, and adaptable to meet all your cable management needs.

– Cut to size

A simple cut of scissors is enough to get a cable sleeve with perfect length. Use a lighter to lightly burn the end after cutting it for a better finish.

– Self-closing system

The HOMEPROTEK braided sleeve is adaptable from 13 to 20mm and it can wrap around up to eight cables. When it is full enough, the sleeve will self-close and create a perfect wrap around your cords.

– Claws and teeth resistant

This durable sleeve nicely wraps and protects cords from pet chewing, while keeping children safe from lying wires around.

– Use it anywhere

Resistant and flexible, HOMEPROTEK braided PET cable sleeve does not break, unlike plastic sheaths, and can be reused many times. Use it anywhere in the house (or office), and outdoors (garden, car, etc.) to tidy up cables. Withstands temperatures from -50 ° C to + 150 ° C.

 Black or white – to blend in any house/office design

Pleasing to the eyes with its sleek look, the HOMEPROTEK braided sleeve can be considered a decoration on the back of your entertainment center.