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cable electrique invisible
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Cable trunking kit for wall, ceiling and floor

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  • Contents of the package - A HOMEPROTEK ultra-flat cable, male and female adapters + a stripped wire, HDMI connectors, 3M double-sided tape for the connectors, double-sided tape to glue the cable, a screwdriver, glue strong and a white adhesive wallpaper.

  • Replace Electrical Cables - Ultra-flat electrical cable that will replace dangling electrical cables by serving as an invisible extension cord. You can install on the wall, floor, ceiling without running the wires through the walls.

  • Ideal for professional and domestic use - It will connect to all installations, lighting, multimedia, office or home automation.

  • Perfect for running wires on walls, in rooms, in corners, under the floor, or any situation where wires cannot pass through walls. DIY cable electric wire, easy and convenient.

1 - Position the object to be connected where you want it.
2 - Measure the length of cable needed between the socket and your object.
3 - Cut the cable to the desired length.
4 - Plug in the connectors on both sides.
5 - Screw until the screw pierces the cable.
6 - Test the installation before sticking to the wall.
7 - Stick the double-sided adhesive provided on the invisible electrical cable.
8 - Place our invisible electrical cable on the wall.
9 - Paint the cable to hide it.
10 - The electrical cable is installed.

An innovative cable
  • Ultra-flat cable
  • Thickness: 0.25mm
  • Foldable 180°
  • Adaptable with included male and female connectors
  • Available in different dimensions (2m, 3m, 5m, 10m)
  • Easy to hide (under paint, wallpaper, carpet, etc.).
Installer un cable electrique invisible
Easy to install

CUT - Measure and cut the cable as needed.

CONNECT - Connect the cable to the traditional cable using the connectors.

STICK - Stick the cable to the surface (wall, floor, etc.) with double-sided adhesive tape.

HIDE - Hide the cable by covering it with wallpaper.

cable electrique invisible

A complete kit - 2m, 3m, 5m, 10m

The electrical kit includes the following items:

  • an ultra-flat invisible cable of 2m, 3m, 5m or 10m depending on the reference selected
  • a male adapter, a female adapter
  • a 30 cm stripped wire
  • two double adhesives
  • double-sided adhesive to stick the cable
  • A roll of 28mm white adhesive wallpaper
  • A screwdriver
  • A tube of strong glue.
cache cable HDMI invisible

A complete kit - TV Pack

The HDMI kit includes the following:

  • an ultra-flat 2m invisible cable
  • a 2m HDMI cable
  • a male adapter for each cable
  • a female adapter for each cable
  • a 30 cm stripped wire
  • four double-sided adhesives for the connectors
  • two rolls of double-sided adhesive to stick the cables
  • a roll of 28mm white adhesive wallpaper
  • a screwdriver
  • a tube of strong glue.



They recommend our Homeprotek invisible cables


"Facilitates installation and above all goes more easily unnoticed because the strip is flat. Perfectly insulates the electrical conduit, therefore no danger.

All necessary hardware is provided for installation, including a power outlet. I recommend."




"Having just done some work at home, it will be used to put lights in the dressing room. We hadn't thought about installing a power supply, but with this cable, we will be able to fix it discreetly without having to dismantle everything. I recommend it for those who want to simplify their lives!”




"Very practical product for hiding various cables and wires. Installation is easy and the quality is there. No part is missing."

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