HomeProtek Expandable Garden Hose
HomeProtek Expandable Garden Hose
HomeProtek Expandable Garden Hose
HomeProtek Expandable Garden Hose
HomeProtek Expandable Garden Hose
HomeProtek Expandable Garden Hose
HomeProtek Expandable Garden Hose
HomeProtek Expandable Garden Hose
HomeProtek Expandable Garden Hose
HomeProtek Expandable Garden Hose
HomeProtek Expandable Garden Hose
HomeProtek Expandable Garden Hose

HomeProtek Expandable Garden Hose

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  • The incredible HomeProtek x3 expandable garden hose expands from 5 meters to 15 meters to reach every corner of your garden.

  • RoHS Certified: Heavyweight 3450D Polyester, Stainless Brass End Caps, Triple Latex Hose. Two adapters are included in order to be able to connect it to all types of outdoor taps: 1/2'' and 3/4''.

  • 9 spray modes: Shower / Cone / Stream / Flat / Center / Dip / Full / Angle / Mist. Works for watering garden plants, pampering pets, cleaning patios or cars...

  • In addition to the HomeProtek garden hose, each shipment includes three spare seals + a roll of Teflon sealing tape for a perfect and durable installation but also a pouch + a wall clip for orderly storage.

  • Package contents: 1 x 15m stretch hose, 1 x 9 spray pattern handle, 2 x connector tips, 3 x spare seals, 1 x roll of Teflon sealing tape, 1 x wall tie, 1 x pouch.
    1. Turn the on/off valve on the end of your hose to the OFF position.
    2. Turn on the water at the source, and your pipe will expand to its maximum length.
    3. Connect your sprinkler to the on/off valve.
    4. Place your hose in the desired location in your yard or garden.
    5. Point the sprinkler nozzle away from you, turn the valve to the ON position, and walk away.
      Your sprinkler will work the same as a regular hose.


    If you use a sprinkler that is NOT attached to the ground, such as an oscillating sprinkler, when you turn off the water, the sprinkler may be dragged a short distance while the garden hose retracts to return to its original size.

    tuyau arrosage extensible

    Watering & Garden


    Our 3450D polyester expandable garden hose is designed for maximum durability and flexibility. Easy to connect with its universal male/female connector and standard thread, it is ideal for watering the garden, vegetable patch, or even the lawn.

    Compatible with Karcher systems and other connectors or rainwater collectors, this pressure hose resists up to several bars , ensuring efficient and homogeneous watering.

    Use it with a watering can, watering gun, or connect it to a timer for automatic watering. Its design makes it an essential tool for any watering task, whether for gardening, drainage, or cleaning.

    expandable garden hose
    9 watering modes

    After use, the hose automatically retracts, making it easy to store on your wall-mounted hose reel or in its included water-repellent pouch .

    Its adjustable length and retractable design make it perfect for tight spaces or large gardens. Whether for underground or porous watering, this expandable water hose is the ideal tool. Stainless steel welding and quality materials guarantee exceptional strength and longevity, even with intensive use.

    • Cone
    • Jet
    • Complete
    • Corner
    • Haze
    • Shower
    • Dip
    • Flat
    • Center

    At the end of use, we advise you to drain the hose so that it returns to its smallest size and store it in its water-repellent bag provided for this purpose.

    tuyau arrosage extensible jardin
    expandable garden hose
    Kit contents

    The complete kit for your gardening needs includes an expandable knitted polyethylene garden hose , ideal for watering your lawn, flower beds or use in automated irrigation systems.

    Also included:

    • 1 wall clip
    • 1 ergonomic handle
    • 2 universal watering connection tips
    • 3 spare gaskets
    • 1 roll of Teflon tape for a perfect seal
    • 1 practical pouch for storage.

    This flexible hose expands up to 3 times its original length, from 5 meters to 15 meters under water pressure, making it perfect for gardening and Gardena watering.

     tuyau d’arrosage HomeProtek

    Expandable 3 times

    The HomeProtek Garden Hose , a must-have for gardening, extends from 5 meters to 15 meters under water pressure, making it ideal for small areas such as large lawns.

    Its adjustable length and ability to extend make it a perfect choice for vegetable garden or lawn watering systems, or for plantings in your garden. With this expandable hose , manual watering or use with a drip irrigation system becomes child's play.

     tuyau d’arrosage extensible laiton

    Sustainable materials

    Made with quality materials, the double brass tip fits most outdoor faucets, whether 1/2" or 3/4", providing a secure connection and easy connection.

    Whether for use with watering fittings , rotary sprinklers , or spray guns, this heavy-duty hose withstands high pressure and harsh weather, ensuring longevity and durability for all your gardening needs.

    3450 Poyester

    3450D polyester

    Built to withstand daily wear and tear, this HomeProtek garden hose is reinforced with a 3450D polyester membrane and a triple layer of flexible latex.

    Its knitted structure gives it kink resistance and increased flexibility, making it perfect for a variety of applications, from watering potted plants to integrated automatic watering systems , watering hedges and irrigation micro-porous in your garden.

    They recommend our Homeprotek pipes


    "This hose gets the job done, with a good flow rate and 9 different positions. When finished, it easily retracts by closing the water valve and pressing the gun to let the hose empty.

    It’s quality!”




    "Very practical and does not take up space when you stop using it. The connections are solid. I do not regret my purchase, and above all, no more problems rolling up these damned rigid plastic pipes."




    "After several months of use, it's great. The quality is clearly superior to the expandable hoses offered in garden centers which burst quickly.

    I placed a second order for my second terrace!”