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Cable organizer - Set of 1

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✅ COMPLETE KIT : Everything you need for tidy cable management in the office or at home. This complete cable organizer includes a large tray, 2 mounting screws, 1 clip, 3 cable clips and 5 straps.

💡 MODERN DESIGN : A stylish and versatile design for this under-desk cable organizer . The tray, with three round holes and numerous slots, optimizes space and organizes cables.

🔗 HEAVY-DUTY MATERIALS : Constructed from high-quality polished steel, this cable organizer can hold up to 5 kg. With generous dimensions of 43 x 10 x 10 cm and a weight of 860 g, it offers excellent storage capacity.

⚙️ EASY INSTALLATION : Installation of the cable rail is simplified thanks to two screws and accessories equipped with 3M adhesive for strong adhesion. Available in black and white, in single or double kit.


  • With the screws: Place the screws in the holes. Install the screws using a screwdriver until they are secure.
  • With adhesives : Remove the protective strip on the adhesives and place the tray. The upper part of the tray, on which the adhesives are located, must be placed on the desk (sticky side of the adhesives against the desk).


  1. In order to achieve better adhesive effect, please clean the surface and the product, protect it from dust, moisture, heat and oil.
  2. It is easier to peel off the protective film using a toothpick.
  3. Before installing the cable into the clips, please press the surface firmly for 15 seconds when sticking it, then wait for about 24 hours. (Highly recommended as the glue performs better after 24 hours).

Cable organizer


Designed with durable, high-quality materials , the HomeProtek cable organizer is the perfect solution for managing and storing cables and your power strip.

Cable Tidyer
Easy installation

To ensure a spotless, well-organized living space, our kit offers two convenient installation methods :

  • opt for mounting with screws for a durable installation under the desk
  • or choose high-quality adhesives for quick and easy attachment to the desk.

These flexible options allow perfect adaptation to your specific PC or MAC cable organization needs in your office!

Cable strip rail
Practical design

The innovative design of this power strip provides an elegant and sophisticated solution to combat cable clutter.

Its unique design not only beautifies your work or home space, but also ensures optimal organization of your cables.

This storage rail attaches or sticks under a desk, providing discreet and efficient cable management.

Its strategic location helps hide bulky wires, while maintaining easy access for later adjustments or additions.


Dimensions: 45 x 18 x 12 cm.

For a storage rail kit, there are 3 clips per kit.

For a kit of 2: there are 6 pliers per kit


Dimensions: 150 x 20mm.

For a storage rail kit, there are 5 links per kit.

For 2 kits: there are 10 links per kit.


Dimensions: 23 mm in diameter.

For a storage rail kit, there is 1 clip per kit.

For a kit of two trays, there are 2 clips per kit.

They recommend our Homeprotek cable organizers


The different fixing methods offer very effective use in all possible arrangements. I recommand it.

It is sober and solid. Delighted with my purchase!




"This is a high quality product with beautiful finishes, with no sharp edges or visible defects. The accessories supplied with this one are quality, including the 3M tape. Perfect for cable management."




"Easy to install, it comes with all the necessary accessories. The fact that it is made up of two pieces allows you to create a single or double cable passage. It is ideal for those who, like me, have 3 screens, 2 PCs and many peripherals. My office is finally well organized."